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We’re proud of creating a program for trading Bitcoin that is easy to use and has a rapidly growing community of enthusiasts. Many people think that to trade Bitcoin, you need to know the market inside out. We don’t agree, and with Bitcoin Pro, you can see just how easy it is! How to Buy ProtoShares Guide. ProtoShares is an exciting new addition to Bitcoin-inspired ideas, but unlike the other altcoins, ProtoShares is more of a crpto-equity than crypto-currency. This is a first of its kind, and frankly, I am quite excited about its prospects, especially given the promise that BitShares is going to be forked off of ProtoShares. Alternate cryptocurrencies - bitcoin alternatives. Home; Altcoin Exchange. Binance; Altcoin Debit Cards; C-CEX; Vircurex; YoBit; WCX – a low cost exchange; Online Miners; Bitcoin Faucet; Tracking; Scamcoins; News. CPU Altcoins; Sitemap; PTS – ProtoShares. Posted on November 11, 2013 by admin. PTS – Protoshares. ProtoShares coin uses a new Momentum Proof of Work (POW) algorithm that is Bitcoin Pro was established in 2016; and it can trade on Bitcoin for the win rate of 90%. The artificial intelligence backed automated trading robot makes thousands of dollars in a day by trading with an initial deposit of $250. It is a 100% automatic trading platform, which implies that even new traders can use it. During this time, one could donate Bitcoin (BTC) or PTS and receive a percentage of 5000 AGS distributed daily. The campaign proved to be successful in raising donations. On Feb 28, 2014, Invictus Innovations took a snapshot of PTS and AGS, granting the holders an allotment in BitShares X when released. AGS donations after Feb 28, 2014 did not earn any stake in BitShares X or its derivative

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